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We've created a range of gourmet, natural ice lollies with our own unique twist. Flavours rotate throughout the summer to use seasonal ingredients.

Some to look out for:


* Chilli chocolate with coconut  

* Mojito

* Mango and chilli

* Flower Power  

* Pina Colada

* Caramelised banana and almond

* Raspberry and orange

* Watermelon & lime

*  Strawberry basil

* Berries & coconut


It wouldn’t be Jaz & Jul’s without some melted chocolate. At our market stall we can dip them in front of you - the chocolate sets instantly on the ice - and you choose nuts or other sprinkles for the final touch.

Find us at Broadway Market


Available for events and for wholesale

(London only, distribution ideas welcomed!)

- please contact us.

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