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Jaz & Jul's Chocolate House

By jazandjuls, Oct 15 2015 01:34PM

As some of you will know, we've wanted our own retail space for a long time, but finding the right space in the right location has been a tough job... well the long search is finally over!

Jaz & Jul's Chocolate House will be opening at 1 Chapel Market in Islington very soon. The cafe and shop will be an extension of our market and festival stalls; you will be able to drink all of our hot chocolates, fabulous coffee, eat cakes (and maybe a few savoury things...?). There's a ground floor seating area and a huge basement! You will also be able to take home all of our hot chocolates alongside products from our favourite chocolate makers.

Our new premises will also allow us to increase our chocolate production so more coffee shops and retailers can serve Jaz & Jul's hot chocolate to their customers! We have a window into the production kitchen at the back of the shop, so you can see what we're up to (and our vast pools of melting chocolate).

We're fitting out the shop as you read this, and will be open by early November. Watch this space for exact opening dates, and also for updates and opening offers!

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