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A rich chocolate made from Trinitario beans grown deep in the Amazon rainforest in the state of Para, Brazil.

Chocolaterie Robert Madagascar

Malagasy cocoa from the Sambirano valley in Madagascar has unique fruity aromas, slightly spicy and a little sharp.


Chocolaterie Robert pay farmers above fair trade standards and use production methods which aim to contribute to the reforestation of Madagascar.

sourcing madagascar

We use single-origin chocolate sourced from small producers. We aim to know not just the cocoa beans' country of origin but the full journey of our everything that goes into our drinking chocolate, so that you can trust the quality and ethics of the finished products. Farmers are paid above fair-trade standards, with the chocolate coming to the UK as directly as possible.

Fermentado Peru

Peruvian farmers have been cultivating cocoa for over 100 years. The highly sought after white criollo beans are grown across the 800 hectares in the Alto Piura region in north-west Peru.


Known as "white" cocoa because of their unusual paleness before fermentation, these rare beans are highly prized for their buttery texture and complex flavours.